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Maggie May and the Sisters Lizzie and Allie

by Dale Lawrence

When Karen Roberts called to let us know that she had three girls for us to pick up, it started one of the hardest placements that we have had to date.

Karen had received a call from one of the clients of the Vet office where she worked. It was from an elderly couple that needed to put all three of their dogs down because they we being put in a rest home by family and did not think that they had any other options. The immediate response from Karen was that there was a better way and she went on to explain about our rescue operation. Karen called me and of course, we gladly made the call to this couple. This lady was in tears about having to part with her girls but there was no other way. I explained what we do and especially about our rigid placement requirements. It was my pledge to her that these dogs would not just be placed in a home, that we would find them a perfect home and we would make every attempt to keep two of them together as they were 6-year old litter mates. At the time, I thought it would be easy as we had over 13 applicants that had said they would take two dogs.

The Vet that Karen worked for was absolutely wonderful to us and to these dogs. We immediately took possession of all three and the Vet agreed to keep them for us until we could make the six-hour trip over to pick them up. They also did the exams on each of the three dogs, updated all of their shots and preformed minor ear surgery on two of them all at no cost to us. It is really wonderful, the people that we have met along the way that do these types of things for rescue. Anyone who lives near the Deer Park area above Spokane should consider these folks your new Vet. They are really great people.

Jan and I made the trek over there on Saturday to find three very over-grown matted dogs. Two of them were over thirty pounds and did not have the body to match. I called our rescue group for help and ended up with a house full of volunteers, with some bathing and some grooming. Of course, Alan Blotch was there to help with the grooming and I think spent probably about three hours grooming and working on the mats and other things that were in their feet. Not a pleasant job but they all looked pretty cute by the time that we done. Florence and Harry brought over a couple of people that thought they would be interested. It was an easy job to finish everything up if she was interested. She brought her puppy down to see if the 10-year old would have the patience for the puppy. After Maggie setting some ground rules and a few corrections they seemed to get along great and our senior went home to a new life. We have heard subsequently, that Maggie has sat on the puppy as a correction and seems to get her way.

Now it was time to get the littermates placed. They were the nicest dogs and obviously very dependent on each other. When we started calling these people that said they wanted two we found out that most meant they would take two puppies. When I would inform them that rescue is not about selling puppies but rescuing dogs they seemed to change their minds. Here we had two wonderful dogs with no place for them. We put out the messages to our club and to the Cascade club but to no avail. We had several offers of people who would take them only if we could not find a home, but we really felt committed to find these girls the perfect home, like we had been able to do so many times before. We went back and called every one on our list but still could not find that wonderful home for them. Linda Thompson said that she would put it out on Microsoft dog site while we would try to find a long-term foster care. It was just the next morning when Linda called and said that she had been in contact with a couple that sounded good. We called and did a telephone interview with this couple and she was right. We needed to find the girls a perfect home. The couple had rescued dogs before and had one Scotty previously. They wanted another Scotty and had considered littermates. They worked out of their home, took their dogs everywhere with them and the vet recommendation was that if she died and came back to this world as a dog, she would want be owned by these people. We had them down to meet the girls and it truly was a match made in heaven. They went home that night with this couple and it has been a perfect match. It has taken both new owners of all three of these rescues time to retrain for good potty habits but both are thrilled with all three of these girls.

It was sad to hear that the original owners passed away very quickly but I know that at least, they left knowing that their Scotties we in great homes.

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