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In early 2005 my wife Gayle submitted an adoption request to STRNW. full story...


by Dale Lawrence

HawkHawk came to us as an owner turn-in. The reason stated by the owner was that he had started to pee in the house and was grouchy. She had been feeding this dog puppy food with her new boy puppy for the past year. She further went on to say that if she could not find a home quickly she was going to have him stay outside and let the Coyotes get him. This was no idle threat as she had left him out side when he was two and he was carried off by the Coyotes but managed to get away on his own and needed stitches to his stomach and back.

Hearing this we went into action as quickly as possible. With a call to Denise Gossett, another call was placed and arrangements were made to pick Hawk up quickly. Denise found Hawk living in a beautiful new log home in Othello. The two bitches that hawk had been living with and kept pregnant were well cared for and impeccably groomed. She was amazed to see how extremely grown out and very matted this boy was. We found out that Hawk had not seen a Vet in over 7 years, yet doing his part in producing over 120 puppies without any testing. How sad is that for our breed!!

When she got him home she and Annie Bringloe went to work bathing and grooming. They found wire matted in his coat. This was obviously why he was walking very funny and possibly grouchy. We all found him to be a very gentle, playful dog that, in addition after grooming, found him to be a really beautiful overweight 30 lb. Scotty.

Jan and I went over to Yakima the next day to bring Hawk home. What a joy he was to have around. We stopped many times on the way back to Tacoma to let him out and walk. He really enjoyed these little diversions and kept his nose to the ground checking out the area while we walked.

Monday morning came the Vet appointment for his general examination, shots, and neutering. During that examination, the Vet found a 4-inch growth above and behind his bladder. After much concern, a sample taken, and an ultrasound, it was determined to be an enlarged prostate, which would definitely be the reason for the sudden, peeing in the house. His teeth also were found to be in terrible condition and we chose to have them cleaned, which led to three badly needed extractions. He was also neutered at the same time, which made a long difficult day for poor Hawk. We left with some pain medication along with an antibiotic and back to the Harry and Florence's kennel to recuperate. He recuperated very fast and moved on to his very playful loving demeanor.

During the course of the next week, it became obvious that he needed to be in a home with people and we decided to bring him to our house to foster until a special home could be found. After an initial period of jealousy from our three bitches, they were all getting along well. He followed me everywhere and was quite a joy to have around. When I sat down he was by my side. It would be so easy just to keep him, but if I did that with all of the rescue dogs that have gotten under my skin, we would now have 21 dogs rather than 3.

We finished his reference checks and the home visit with his perspective new home and found them to be a wonderful match up. These people take their dog everywhere, had two Scotties before and are a perfect home for Hawk. It was sad to part with Hawk but we could see how happy he was going to be and we get many progress reports on him. The last one said that he loved to play with his three-year-old grandson and followed him everywhere when he was at the Grandpa's. Hawk is one very happy, healthy Scotty who is on his way to losing about eight pounds.

It is especially sad to see any breeder treat her/his stud in this manner, but my concern really lies with the puppies that have come out of breeding with no testing of either the bitch, the stud or any reasonable Vet care at all. This is one of the reasons that it is so important for people to buy from reputable breeders. Of course you probably pay more but you can be assured that the breeder has been responsible enough to do the tests that should be done; that the breeder does take care of the bitch, sire and also the puppies and that you are going to get the best of what the breed has to offer.

If this was a breeder in our club or a member of STCA we could do something about it but it was not. The only way to fight against a puppy mill is not to buy from them in the first place. Puppy mills produce the bulk of the dogs that rescue take care of.

This last March 2005, we got Hawk back from the people that we had placed him with. With jobs and positions changing, the couple that had Hawk was saddened by the hours that he now again was living in his crate every day. When they called me, they asked what they should do? I immediately said, "Bring him back to us and we will place him in another home where he can live the type of life that we would all love to see him have." They sadly agreed that this would be in Hawks' best interest. I also explained to them that we totally understand that sometimes things can change and what was once the "perfect home" had changed because of the increased workload. I also explained to them that when it came time for them to retire, that I would again try to place another dog with them. These were good people and will again make a "perfect home" when they retire.

Well, Hawk has moved right in with us. It was one of those things that I just couldn't find that "perfect home" no matter how hard I tried. Then, I finally had to come to the realization that this ten-year-old boy from the puppy mill had earned a special place in my heart. It really wasn't because the "perfect home" wasn't out there but rather that I did not want to give him up. Further, after watching my two bitches with Hawk, I don't think they wanted him to go either. Hawk now has all of the bad habits that we taught our two girls, sits on the couch, knows when to beg, and knows how to stay out of the way of our alpha girl. He is a bit louder than our other two girls and quite persistent when it is time to go for a walk. He is a joy to have around and will be at all of the rescue events that we participate in. This dog that was a throw away dog from a puppy mill when they were done with him, is now in his last "forever home" and we could not be happier.

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