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Scottish Terrior Rescue NW

Help Others Like Me...

Duncan  II

Happy Endings

Scotties who have found new FOREVER homes!


Bridgie is now GIDGET...

Gidget is a little scottie girl who has found her forever home.  She now has 3 brothers but can definitely take care of herself.  Gidget loves to snuggle close at night with her new family.  







Logan is Home!

Logan has found a new home with a couple that already had another scotty -- and he's the new brother.  It's just perfect for him since he now has a playmate and can run and play to his heart's content.  All the best Logan!






Lady has found a Forever Home!






A lovely couple looking for a perfect only dog has adopted Lady.  Lady has found a loving home where she is the center of all attention, with lots of walks and her own people to be with.



Godspeed Little Winston

Winston was a senior Scottie who, like many before him, came to rescue with a sad story.  His long time owner took him into assisted living with her but advancing dementia robbed her of her ability to care for him.  Facing possible medical issues of his own, Winston was surrendered to STRNW.
Once in our care, Winston was examined by the staff at South Hill Veterinary Hospital in Puyallup, Washington.  They detected a mass next to his spleen and surgically removed it.  It was a benign cyst but they discovered that his liver contained inoperable cancerous lesions.
Winston's condition precluded him from being put up for adoption so he was placed in permanent foster care with two of our members and their three Scotties.  Even though he was hard of hearing and couldn't see much out of his left eye, he happily joined the pack and got about the business of being a Scottie.
Winston thrived with his foster family.  He guarded his chew toys, zestfully joined the rub and tickle sessions and was at the front of the line when treats were handed out.  For six months, Winston had the best possible life a Scottie could have; but cancer is a remorseless disease and it finally attacked his small body.  Winston left us on April 29, 2009, cradled in his foster Mom's arms.  We are all heartbroken at his passing but we are also grateful for the time we shared with him and the joy and trust he favored us with.
In his memory we have established Winston's Angel Fund to help other Scotties who come into our care.  If you would like to become one of Winnie's Angels you can click here to find out how.



More Happy Endings

Lucky Madison
Maddy's Story or Why Did They Name Me Lucky Madison?
Eileen Childress called me the Saturday of the WSSTC Grooming Seminar saying that she had just been called about a Scotty called Madison that they had at the PAWS office in Lynnwood. full story...

Hawk came to us as an owner turn-in. The reason stated by the owner was that he had started to pee in the house and was grouchy. full story...

Lizzie & Allie
Maggie May and the Sisters Lizzie and Allie
When Karen Roberts called to let us know that she had three girls for us to pick up, it started one of the hardest placements that we have had to date. full story...

Monty, aka "MacDuff"
During the last week of September 2005, a member was contacted by a woman in Boise, ID; She was seeking a new home for an 18 month old male Scottie that she had obtained about four month earlier. full story...

Mr Spock
Mr Spock, aka "Fletcher"
Mr Spock, aka "Fletcher" came to live with the Petersons via Scottish Terrier Rescue Northwest (STRNW). He is an "immigrant", born in Germany and migrated to Florida with his family about 5 years ago. full story...

In early 2005 my wife Gayle submitted an adoption request to STRNW.  In late June Dale Lawrence called looking for a home for an eleven year old female "Wheaten Terrier. full story...

Rescue is not always successful, Or is it????
The following stories may not be for everyone to read but we feel are an important part of the overall rescue story. They are about two of our Scotties that we were not able to save but at least, before they died, felt human kindness and love. full story...

My husband and I were introduced to Abby at Jan and Dale's in March of 2003. Abby's owner had been hospitalized and afterward went to live with her daughter. full story...



Little Oliver found a a new family. He's responded well to treatment for his bad skin condition and his fur is growing back nicely



Doc and Mac

Doc and Mac are 6 and 3 year old Scotties who've been brothers since Mac was a puppy.  They are very attached to each other and are happy, playful boys who get along with dogs and people alike and have the sunniest dispositions.  They're neutered, have their shots up to date and are microchipped.

We're trying to fulfill the owners request to have these guys placed together.  She dearly loves them but she was diagnosed with a catastrophic illness some time ago.  Recently her prognosis became very grim and she was forced to surrender them in the hope that they will find a new and loving forever home.  For all their sakes we are going to do our very best to see that this happens.

If you are interested in adopting Doc & Mac and live in the Northwest, please submit our online application.

Mackie and Bracken

Mackie and Bracken are another pair of Scotties that came into rescue because of tragic circumstances.  They are brother & sister who will be 8 years old in Dec.  The owner and her husband acquired Mackie as a pup and her father-in-law got Bracken at the same time.  Although they were family members, they lived in separate households.  Sadly, the owners husband and father-in-law both passed away this year leaving her unable to care for both dogs.

Mackie is a big boy and could lose a couple.  He's a real people cuddler and likes all the dogs he's met in his foster home and at the dog park.  He gets tired quicker than his sister and likes to sit and watch all the goings on with his foster mom.  He's neutered, his shots are up to date and he's microchipped.

Bracken is smaller than her brother and more energetic.  She wants to run and play with every dog she meets and can be a little bossy.  In so many ways she a typical Scottie girl.  Her foster mom says that both she and Mackie are very well behaved and extremely sweet.  She also echoed what we've all said from time to time, "If I didn't already have my limit, these kids would be staying here."




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