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During the last week of September 2005, a member was contacted by a woman in Boise, ID. full story...


by Gene and Lanie Burkeholder

Abby My husband and I were introduced to Abby at Jan and Dale's in March of 2003. Abby's owner had been hospitalized and afterward went to live with her daughter. The daughter was overwhelmed with her mother's care and unable to provide Abby with the care and attention Abby needed and required. May, a good friend of the family, agreed to take Abby and give her a home. May also had a Scottish terrier of her own, though her dog was much older. Abby we determined was about 4 years old at the time. Abby being younger, was more active, and would strain on the leash during walks and this was a concern. Friends and family were afraid that during one of these walks Abby might tug too hard and cause May to fall, causing her injury, not to mention Abby running away unintentionally.

This dear lady was torn between giving Abby up and keeping her. She had a difficult time deciding what would be best for Abby. Abby was a good dog and got along very well with her Scottie. She eventually made contact with Dale and Jan who were able to provide her with Rescue information. Jan and Dale reassured her the dogs welfare and safety were of the utmost importance, and reassured her that all applicants were required to provide personal references from friends and from a Veterinarian, and that a home visit was made to evaluate the living conditions of the home and fenced yard.

Jan and Dale also promised May that the adoptive family would keep in touch with her, letting her know how Abby was settling in to her new home and surroundings. We had already joined the club, and had been waiting to adopt a rescue Scottie. There were no rescues in the offing, so we bought a Scottie puppy from a local breeder. We named her Missy and had had her for approximately 2 months before we adopted Abby.

Abby and Missy took to each other right away. Abby loves to chase balls, bark at dogs she sees on television, is friendly and behaves well around other people, other dogs and a cat. Abby is larger than the usual Scottie. She is taller and longer, but a Scottie none-the-less. She will let us cuddle with her, kiss her, and in general let us love her to death. As promised, we have kept in touch with May to let her know how Abby is doing and how much we love her. May is very happy to know that Abby has settled in and is happy and healthy.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have Abby. We could not have asked for a nicer Scottie. We are glad we are providing her "forever home".

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